When is it suitable for practice in a day?

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t is the best to practice Taichi at dawn or in the evening of a day. The atmosphere is fresh and the environment is silent in the morning. Practicing Taichi in the morning can also transform the inhibitory state of sleeping to active state, which can make all the organs active and prepare the body and spirit for all day’s work. In the evening, practicing Taichi can relieve fatigue derived from the manual or mental labor if you are not excessive fatigue. However, practicing in the morning or evening has a drawback that is the lack of sunshine, which cannot acquire the benefit of doing sports under the sunshine.
If you cannot practice at above mentioned time, you can make a plan according to you specific conditions. You can also make practice at the break. For mental labor, this can relieve the mental fatigue and improve the working efficiency; for manual labor, this can help the disappear of fatigue and promote the comprehensive development.