“Lucky Taichi” Brand- created by Yanlin Du, as well as designed LOGO

Picture logo:Combined by using “ Taichi scheme” and Chinese characters“福”
“Taichi scheme”, the yin yang fish contains China traditional Yin and Yang dialectical thought, is the origin of Taichi culture; “福” is one of characters which is the oldest and happiest, the most auspicious, and the most popular, most powerful  Chinese nation characters; every home will paste “福” in the spring festival, which means good fortune, lucky strike, happiness and best wishes, is the root and destination of Chinese nation.
“Taichi 福” has the same sound with “Taichi 服”, as the brand of Taichi clothes, “Taichi fu” sounds very catchy; the design of scheme has elegant appearance and good means.
English logo is the English brand name of “Taichi fu”, the design of character strokes combines the straight and mellow, which exhibits generous and beautiful brand image, that will help the memory and extension of brand. 

Tai chi is generally refers to the order of the universe's original state in Yin and Yang in mixed and source.