Learning Tai Chi


  • March 7th


    Being student of Chinese Taichi master Chen Zhenglei, master Chen is nineteenth direct successor of Chenshi Taichi.


  • July 5th


    Getting first prize in Grop B of other Taichi projects of "Fifth World Traditional Wushu Championships", which was hold in Mount Huang of China.


  • May 9th


    Go to birthplace of Chenshi Taichi - chenjiagou of Henan, China for visit and study.


  • February 9th


    Pass Taichi test of level 3

    Joining Chinese highest Wushu association “Chinese Wushu Association” and being a member of this association.


  • February 11th


    Having honors of silver medal of national Children Taichi competition, first prize of Qingdao Children's Wushu competition, Second prize of Shandong Province Wushu Festival exhibition children's group


  • February 5th


    Start practicing Chenshi Taichi, often participate in the promotion race performances